Future of Silicon for GenAI & AI/ML

Invited panel for Mosaic Semis Spotlight at 2024 KBCM Emerging Technology Summit

March 2024 · Glenn Ko

LLM・生成AIはプロダクトの未来か (Is LLM/Generative AI the future of products?)

Interview at Product Leaders 2023 by Japan CPO Association

November 2023 · Glenn Ko

Deploying your own LLMs in your private cloud to protect your proprietary data

Invited Talk at AI Summit 2023, Seoul, Korea

September 2023 · Glenn Ko

LLM & Gen AI will change the Future of Work

Invited panel at AI Summit 2023, Seoul, Korea

September 2023 · Glenn Ko

Keynote: Generative AI in the Enterprise – Practitioners’ Perspectives on Expectations vs. Reality

Invited keynote at 24th Annual KBCM Technology Leadership Forum

August 2023 · Glenn Ko

Bridging the Gap Between the Model and the Business, ft. FirstMark Capital, Hugging Face, and Stochastic

Invited panel on Dataiku Generative AI Bootcamp Webinar Series

July 2023 · Glenn Ko

Expert Panel: Building on LLMs

Invited panel at GenerAIte 2023

June 2023 · Glenn Ko

AI Builders: Industry Meets Academia

Invited panel co-hosted by Harvard University, MIT, and Tola Capital

June 2023 · Glenn Ko

Keynote: Beyond ChatGPT - Leveraging Generative AI & Transformer Models.

Invited keynote at 18th Annual Emerging Technology Summit by KeyBanc Capital Markets

March 2023 · Glenn Ko

Toward Efficient Computing on the Cloud

Invited talk at IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference 2023, Boston, USA

September 2022 · Glenn Ko
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Harvard AI/ML hardware accelerators

We built various deep learning and bayesian learning accelerators and the full software stack on top.

Glenn Ko, Yuji Chai, Paul N. Whatmough, Marco Donato, Saekyu Lee, Thierry Tambe, En-Yu Yang, Coleman Hooper, Hsea-Ching Hsueh, Sam Xi, Udit Gupta, Lillian Pentecost, Alexander M. Rush, Rob A. Rutenbar, Gu-Yeon Wei, David Brooks