Future of Silicon for GenAI & AI/ML

Invited panel for Mosaic Semis Spotlight at 2024 KBCM Emerging Technology Summit

March 2024 · Glenn Ko

LLM・生成AIはプロダクトの未来か (Is LLM/Generative AI the future of products?)

Interview at Product Leaders 2023 by Japan CPO Association

November 2023 · Glenn Ko

Deploying your own LLMs in your private cloud to protect your proprietary data

Invited Talk at AI Summit 2023, Seoul, Korea

September 2023 · Glenn Ko

LLM & Gen AI will change the Future of Work

Invited panel at AI Summit 2023, Seoul, Korea

September 2023 · Glenn Ko

Keynote: Generative AI in the Enterprise – Practitioners’ Perspectives on Expectations vs. Reality

Invited keynote at 24th Annual KBCM Technology Leadership Forum

August 2023 · Glenn Ko

Bridging the Gap Between the Model and the Business, ft. FirstMark Capital, Hugging Face, and Stochastic

Invited panel on Dataiku Generative AI Bootcamp Webinar Series

July 2023 · Glenn Ko

Expert Panel: Building on LLMs

Invited panel at GenerAIte 2023

June 2023 · Glenn Ko

AI Builders: Industry Meets Academia

Invited panel co-hosted by Harvard University, MIT, and Tola Capital

June 2023 · Glenn Ko

Keynote: Beyond ChatGPT - Leveraging Generative AI & Transformer Models.

Invited keynote at 18th Annual Emerging Technology Summit by KeyBanc Capital Markets

March 2023 · Glenn Ko

Toward Efficient Computing on the Cloud

Invited talk at IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference 2023, Boston, USA

September 2022 · Glenn Ko